V9 Velashape Machine

New Come 5in1 Velashape, Power Shape Machine

  • 5in1 Multifunction
  • Modulized handle
  • English Screen display
  • Different handles for body&Face

V9 Body Slimming Machine Testimonial

Air Pressure: 0-85Kpa
Red Laser light:650nm
Blue Laser light:480nm
Green laser light:560nm
Rotate speed: 40rolls/Min
RF Frequency:2Mhz
40Khz Cavitation Handle: 1pc
Mini Vacuum RF pen: 1 pc for Eye
Vacuum RF pen:1pc for Face&Neck&Eye
Middle Vacuum Roller handle: 1 pc
Big Vacuum Roller Handle: 1 pc with LCD screen
Package size:63cm*62cm*62cm

V9 Body Slimming Machine Accsessories

KMSLASER V9 Velashape Machine

V9 Velashape Machine , accent x velashape , powershape x velashape


V9 Body Slimming Machine product details

V9 Velashape Machine

KMSLASER Velashape machine is designed for fats reducing and skin tightening. This is the kind of technology that has good results in terms of reshaping the body. It can give a non-invasive quick-fix for the reduction of fat. Base on its name, the V9 velashape machine aims to resize the body too becomes healthier and best appearance. It reduces the fat in applying areas and left the body with a contoured shape and a slimmer.

KMSLASER V9 velashape machine can energize calcium channels, which cause muscle reduction. This treatment is ideal to use in affected areas which are hard to workouts such as buttocks, thighs, and stomach. It replaces compression to the affected areas to bring back healthy blood and its regular circulation. This procedure is often as it is functioning effectively. It can give respite from irritating leg symptoms and instill cellulite safely.

When using the KMSLASER v9 velashape machine users only need to locate on the relaxing device with a belt safely in place and calm. It is a device that hands-free devices and very easy to use.  This will make the patient feel a gentle heat that can immediately stimulate relaxation. It is a painless solution that helps shape the body without the need for surgery.

KMSLASER velashape machines are safe and secure. After this treatment, the patient is left with a good feeling and enjoyment. Clients don’t need to spend months achieving body appearance and to figure out your dream. With the benefit of velashape  machine you can have the tighter skin and slimmer body. The velashape machine is well-known as the most often in high-end spas. It also helps to reduce water retention and even provided lifting of the face and breasts.

All of our velashape machine has been shown to significantly shave inches around the waist, thighs, hips, and arms. As with any weight loss or body toning treatment, the velashape machine works better when coupled with regular workouts and a healthy diet. These machines have effortless and made human lives not so hard.

KMSLASER is the leading and most trusted advanced technology manufacturer. We produce and offer a wide variety of machines and devices for beauty and body slimming machines such as radiofrequency body slimming device, lipo laser velashape machine, ultrasound body slimming device, cavitation slimming, and many more. Our slimming body machines are some of the most diverse range of devices. We always provide our customers with the best quality, safe, and efficient aesthetic devices.

With many years of experience in the manufacturing industry, KMSLASER remains an industry leader when it comes to doing great beauty machines. Our dedicated and expert technical personnel is always here to assist you. We give you systems, treatments, and devices that are passed the international standards to ensure customers’ and user’s safety.

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