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Product number:PMST-3 NEO
Field strength at the coil:4T
Performance of the the field:92T/S
Oscillation frequncy in ST mode:1000-3000Hz
Oscillation frequncy in MT mode:1-100Hz
Water cooling system:Water 2.5L
Near infrared:940NM/640NM/620NM
Magnetic penetration depth:18CM
Near infrared penetration depth:10CM
Package:Alu box inside and carton box outside
Package size:60.5*60*114.5cm
Gross weight:72kg

Infrared magnetic therapy machine-Accessories

Magnetic massage machine

Magnetic massage machine

Product number: PMST-3 NEO
Field strength at the coil: 4T
Performance of the the field: 92T/S
Oscillation frequncy in ST mode: 1000-3000Hz
Oscillation frequncy in MT mode: 1-100Hz
Water cooling system: Water 2.5L
Near infrared: 940NM/640NM/620NM
Magnetic penetration depth: 18CM
Near infrared penetration depth: 10CM
Package: Alu box inside and carton box outside
Package size: 60.5*60*114.5cm
Gross weight: 72kg

Medical magnetic therapy in vitro Pmst pemf magnetic infrared machine-1

Electromagnetic Pulsed Super Transduction

* Degenerative joint diseases such as osteoarthritis (knees, hips, hands, shoulders, elbows)
* Pain treatment (Chronic pain) include back pain, lumbago, tension.
* Sports injuries, tendon overuse.
* Chronic inflammation of tendons and joints.
Medical magnetic therapy in vitro Pmst pemf magnetic infrared machine-2

3 different wavelength, 16pcs (4*4) NIRS lights

* Promotes wound healing and tissue repair
* Supports collagen production
* Reduces swelling and inflammation
* Improves joint health
* Improves physical performance
* Helps sport injury muscle recovery
* Pain relief with analgesic effect
* Decreases muscle spasm
Medical magnetic therapy in vitro Pmst pemf magnetic infrared machine-3
Technical principle
Introducing magnetic field pulses into the body can increase the charge in cells, speed up cell metabolism, reduce inflammation, promote wound healing, and quickly repair deep tissues such as bones, fascia, ligaments, and muscles
Clinical research
For many years, pulsed electromagnetic fields have been widely recognized by doctors and experts in the field of professional rehabilitation in countries such as the United States and Europe. This treatment not only has no side effects, but also has a healing rate that is 2-3 times higher than other treatments.
Treatment suggestion
5-20 minutes each time, 3-5 times as a course of treatment
Magnetic massage machine-1
Technical principle
Near-infrared light can cause the reorganization of the collagen structure in the subcutaneous tissue, causing the resonance and friction between the molecules to form a thermal reaction, which increases the temperature of the deep subcutaneous layer, expands the microvessels accelerates blood circulation, promotes cell synthesis, and accelerates the healing speed.
Clinical research
Near-infrared light can effectively relieve pain up to 96%, and this treatment does not cause any harm, and also allows wounds to heal faster
Treatment suggestion
10-20 minutes each time, 3-5 times as a course of treatment

Advantages in PM-ST NEO

1.Combine magneto therapy and infrared therapy
More effective in the treatment and shorten the course. They can work together or seperately.

Magnetic massage machine-2

2. Combine shallow and deeper penetration in magneto therapy
MT mode: 1-100Hz for muscle stimulation and contraction
ST mode: 1000-3000Hz for rehabilitation and regeneration of bones, tendons, and ligaments.
They can be used for musculoskeletal disorders, sport injuries, chronic inflammation.

3.Perfect combination with shockwave therapy
Magneto therapy, infrared therapy and shockwave therapy can be standalone therapy. Also, when the PM-ST NEO combines
with shockwave therapy, the result will be better.

4.Smart and intuitive system
10.4-inch large screen
Preset parameters for 10 body parts
Clear indication on the conditions

Magnetic massage machine-3

5.Hands-free treatment
After two applicators are positioned with the flexible holding arm, the therapy can run without the need for the therapist’s
intervention.There will be no labor-consumbing work.

6.Pain-free treatment
Magneto and infrared therapy can provide clients’ non-pain, non-invasive but effective treatment. Clients are more wiling to
finish the whole sessions in this therapy.

7.Touch-free treatment
The magnetic pulse can be transferred above the clothes. Customers do not need to take off clothes when taking this therapy
lt helps to avoid embarrassment.

8.No consumable
in PM-ST NEO, there is no consumable. What we need to do is to maintain the water-cooled svstem. And the maintenance is
also easy. Just need to change the water every two weeks.

9.Non-stop running
PM-ST NEO adopts water-cooled system. lt can work continuously for 8 hours without energy loss. Even though there are a
lot bookings, do not need to worry about customers’ complaints for long waiting.

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