EMS Muscle Stimulation machine

We have with infrared heating for option

  • 20 electrode pads for body
  • 2 electrode pads for breast enhancement
  • 2 years warranty
  • OEM&ODM Accepted

EMS Muscle Stimulation machine Testimonial

Rated Voltage: AC230±10%,50Hz±1Hz or AC110V±10%,60Hz±1Hz
Rated Power:<=40W
Working Current:<=50MA
Pulse Output: 10 channels
Maximum Treatment Time: 90 minutes
Pulse Waveforms: 5 modes
Pulse Frequency: 30Hz/s~800Hz/s
Pulse Power: 0~270 angles, adjustable
Pulse Speed: 3 levels, optional
Shink Time: 0.1~5s
Loose Time: 0.1~5s
Machine Dimension: 40cm(L)x27cm(W)x13cm(H)
Packing size: 47cm(L)x35cm(W)x23cm(H)
Net.Weight: 5.5KG
Gross. Weight: 6.5KG

EMS Muscle Stimulation machine Accessories

KMSLASER EMS Muscle Stimulation machine

KMSLASER EMS Muscle Stimulation Machine

KMSLASER EMS MUSCLE STIMULATION MACHINE is a multifunctional electronic machine that is capable to contract your muscles via an electrical current passed through the muscle. One of its purposes is to strengthen the weak body muscle. Soothe the fatigue muscular tissues, stimulate the healthy muscle in order to improve and facilitate muscle performance.

This advanced technology allows us to engage in deep, intense, and complete muscular contractions, leading to large amounts of body fat breakdown, dissolve bad cholesterol that is developed in our body, for the result, it helps for body firming, shaping, and sculpting.

Using KMSLASER EMS Muscle Stimulation Machine is inexpensive, created and developed by the leading manufacturer of beauty equipment not just in China but worldwide, assure the best quality material, designed by expert and our professional consultants, with the combination of science and technology to guarantee the efficiency and safety of these machines.

Fully tested, ensured with a good operational interface, non invasive. As a KMSLASER customer is our priority, we create products sure that all customer needs and wants are fully met. That is why we are proud to say, we got a lot of good customer feedback around the world, continue serving with good standing in our loyal clients, such as hospitals, clinics, spa’s, salons and even individual clients, who really succeed in these industries, with the great return of investment and business build good business stability.

Not just EMS Muscle Stimulation Machine, KMSLASER is also very known and popular as a provider and leading manufacturer of other aesthetic and beauty equipment such as Hydro Facial Machine, Hydro Peel Machine, Shock Wave Therapy Machine, RF Tattoo Removal Machine, and many others. We are open to OEM and OED services. Offer 2 years warranty, 24 hours online after sale support, and free spare parts assistance.

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