Cryoskin 2in1 cryolipolys machine with EMS

2020 new technology cryoskin cryolipolysis with EMS muscle stimulation

  • New product on the market
  • Modulized handle
  • English touch screen
  • 2 in1 multi function

Cryoskin 2in1 cryolipolys machine with EMS Testimonial

Voltage: AC220V/110V 50Hz/60hz
Screen: 10.4” touch screen
Cool Temperature:10℃ ~-5℃
Heat Temperature; 37℃ ~45℃
EMS Energy: 1-20Level
EMS Frequency: 1-30Hz
EMS Mode: P1-P9

Cryoskin 2in1 cryolipolys machine with EMS Accessories

KMSLASER Cryoskin 2in1 cryolipolys machine with EMS

KMSLASER Cryoskin 2in1 cryolipolys machine with EMS

KMSLASER CRYOLIPOLYSIS MACHINE with EMS is the latest multifunctional technology used in dissolving and reducing freeze fats on the surface of human skin, The new generation design for body slimming, body shaping. Effectively lifting and reducing fats of waist, abdomen, legs, arms, back, and other parts. Get rid of the orange peel, cellulite caused by uneven skin problems. Make body tissue compact to prevent body relaxation, and promote metabolism and blood circulation. Tightening skin, strengthen skin elasticity. After the treatment, see the result, noticeably decreased the layer of fats. The body curve is more captivating.

Feature of KMSLASER Cryolipolysis Machine with EMS,  designed by the leading manufacturer of aesthetic equipment not just in China but worldwide, with the help of our professionals to guarantee the quality and durability of the products. Uses high-end materials on all parts. Passed on different quality controls to secure the safety and constancy of our machine. Efficient radiators to ensure the machine can function for a long time. Composed of handpieces shaped that suited for all body types. Packed with easy to follow instruction manuals written in all languages, for easy installation.

With over 10 years of experience in manufacturing and providing high-quality products in the aesthetic equipment, the industry continues innovating to reach all the customer requirements, continue to gain customer trust and loyalty, and humbly received good feedback and reviews worldwide. For all hospitals, spa’s, wellness clinics, this equipment is best for you and surely loved by your customers. We are open for EOM and OED services for our business partner, we have professional engineers who are expert for software and programming aspects. 

KMSLASER is not just best in Cryolipolysis Machine with EMS, we are also well known in  Hydro Peel Machine, Hydro Facial Machine, Shock Waves Machines, etc. Offer 2 years after the sale,  24 hours online customer service, and free spare part support.

For more information about Cryolipolysis Machine with EMS, and our other products please don’t hesitate to call us. We are grateful to assist you. 

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