Double-C Shockwave Therapy Machine

2 handles could work at the same time

  • 2 in1 Multi-function
  • Mini screen display on the handle
  • Electromagnetic shockwave
  • Pneumatic shockwave
  • 2 handles could work at the same time

Fred Turner“Since integrating Shockwave Therapy treatments into our clinic, we’ve seen a boost in client satisfaction and repeat bookings. The machines have allowed us to offer cutting-edge, non-invasive treatments that our clients love.” – Fred Turner, Clinic Owner, Pain Relief Specialists



Rebecca Scott“As a home user, the Shockwave Therapy machine has been a fantastic investment. It’s easy to use, and I’ve seen incredible improvements in my pain management and overall wellbeing.” – Rebecca Scott, Home User



George Cooper“The Shockwave Therapy machines have revolutionized our clinic’s pain management services. Our clients appreciate the non-invasive, comfortable treatments, and we’ve seen a boost in bookings since adding them to our services.” – George Cooper, Clinic Owner, Pain Free Living Clinic

Model number:Double-C
Handle:2 piece(electromagnetc & pneumatic)
Applicator heads:Electromagnetc:7 pieces Pneumatic:11 pieces
Electromagnetc:2 pieces Pneumatic:2 million
Bullet:Electromagnetc:2 pieces Pneumatic:2 million
Shots per bullet:2 million
Eenergy:Electromagnetc:5-200mj Pneumatic:1-6 bar
Display:10.4″ touch scree
Program on display:10 functions
Language:English & Spanish
Software version:2019
Technology:Pneumatic & Electromagnetic
Application:Home & Salon& Clinic
Working mode:C mode& P Mode

Double-C Shockwave Therapy Machine Accessories

KMSLASER Double-C Shockwave Therapy Machine

KMSLASER Double-C Shockwave Therapy Machine

KMSLASER Shockwave Therapy Machine for ED is perfectly designed for male erectile dysfunction, body slimming and orthopedics treatment.

76% of men in the United States suffered from erectile dysfunction which affects family happiness.

The KMSLASER Shockwave Therapy Machine presented the ED function on the screen display. Clients could easily choose the ED function on the screen, which showed the parameters as suggested, and you could adjust the parameters also easily.

The KMSLASER Shockwave Therapy Machine is with the Aluminum package suitcase, easy for clients to carry, even they want to travel or on a business trip.

So, you could do treatment everywhere. And doctors could take the machine anywhere to do treatment for their clients very conveniently.

KMSLASER Shockwave Therapy Machine for ED is equipped with 5#,6# and 7# that is specially designed for clients to do their ED treatment. And the 5# is with blue cover to make the whole treatment process very comfortable if the client fell the energy is strong

KMSLASER Shockwave Therapy Machine for ED is not only for ED erectile dysfunction treatment. You could use it for other body parts also, like body slimming, weight loss, body massage, etc.

You buy one machine, and you could treat the whole body. Can’t wait, just send us an inquiry!

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