2 in1 Lymphatic Pressotherapy Machine

Air pressure+Infrared heating

  • English in display
  • 40-187mm/hg air pressure
  • 36V human safe voltage
  • 2in1 function

Lymphatic pressotherapy machine testimonial

Air pressure range:40-187mm/hg
Infrared heat range:35-80c.
Electrical 110-220v, 50-60 Hz
Machine material: Metal & Plastic
Vest Material: PU
Screen display: English
Air pressure piece: Made from Fiber Carbon
Vest colors: Orange/Blue

Lymphatic pressotherapy machine Accessories

KMSLASER 2 in1 Lymphatic Pressotherapy Machine

KMSLASER Lymphatic Pressotherapy Machine SA03

KMSLASER Pressotherapy lymphatic machine is designed to remove the waste or unneeded toxins from the body. If the heart is pumping over the blood vessels, the Pressotherapy lymphatic machine to relive in the action of softening muscles to transit fluid over lymph vessels. The Pressotherapy lymphatic machine can decrease swelling and make circulation better throughout the lymphatic machine.

KMSLASER Pressotherapylymphatic machine is a treatment that is very effective when it comes to dehydrating. Pressotherapy Lymphatic machine field mostly build types of a treatment set up termed decongestive process Pressotherapy lymphatic therapy.

It is distributed on average 4 times in a minute. The result about the last few hours maybe observes a huge difference after using this treatment. It is a process that combines skincare to reduce the chance of a person’s risk of infection.

KMSLASER Pressotherapy lymphatic machine can trigger the human body in the natural detoxification method. Suitable for jet setters who get injure and swelling their legs and puffiness. This machine is also great for those who have stressed and those have a sympatholytic response. In this process, it can be placed into a thinner state because it suppresses the resistance or comeback to stress in the flight, brings back the balance to the nervous system that improves a sense of deep comfort.

All of our Pressotherapy lymphatic machines are in perfect usage for a Pressotherapy lymphatic system that can make better for an overall health condition. Usually, it can help reduce the appearance of cellulite, lessen stress, and fatigue and can fight infection. This machine can help to handle and treat any various concerns about health.

However, Pressotherapy lymphatic machines may be used for those who are dealing with such problems such as arthritis, knee, and hip injuries. It takes more time and more effort but the treatment makes you satisfy and makes a person feel at ease and relax.

KMSLASER is committed to producing aesthetics and other beauty and health care equipment with high quality,  performance level, and elegant design. All our equipment is conformed to the ISO 9001 quality system standard. We always provide high-quality production, superior service, and client satisfaction. Pursuing the best service and excellent quality make our products popular and owning a good reputation as a manufacturer in the whole world.

In KMSLASER our factory has a good production workshop and quality inspection to make sure the product is in good condition. We stand as a leading manufacturer of health and beauty care machines such as lymphatic machine, lymphatic drainage machine, and lymphatic drainage self-massage. We utilize our extensive experience, dedication, and skills to produce products with the highest quality.

KMSLASERr’s team is respectful and uphold the dignity and we also prioritize our valued customers. Together with our staff, we are good listeners and like talking too and after that we able to suggest if what suitable treatment machine could refer to our clients.

We are delicate in providing tools and equipment to make our relieving machine as a part of their business. We believe that each client deserves to get satisfying services.

Wish to have a lymphatic machine or any beauty machine for your business? Feel free to contact us and we will glad to help all your beauty machine needs.

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