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  • Electromagnetic & Pneumatic shockwave for option
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KMSLASER shockwave physical therapy machine is one of the useful devices for treating orthopedic disorders, cellulite reduction, ED male erectile dysfunction, etc. It is safe and has unique features that easy to use, install and do maintenance.

Shackwave Machine That Eas to Install

The shockwave therapy machines are already assembled well in our factory. You only need to install the handle.

And Easy to Maintenance

It is very easy to do maintenance for the shockwave therapy machines. Just use the tools inside the machine package and do according to the video.

Unique & Outlooking Patent Design
Self Developed Mode
Full Certification
Quick Delivery & Customs Clearance

Why KMSLASER Shockwave Machine is Perfect for Your Business

  • German thomas brand compressor
  • New Design handle
  • Handle Cooling
  • Design Modularized handle
  • SW20S Portable Shockwave Therapy Machine For ED
  • SW20S ED Shockwave Machine
  • SW20S ED Shockwave Machine
  • SW20S ED Shockwave Machine
  • Shockwave Therapy Machine Series Reviews
  • Shockwave Therapy Machine Series Reviews
  • Shockwave Therapy Machine Series Reviews

Hundreds of Happy Customers from Different Countries

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How We Manufacture Your Shockwave Therapy Machine

  • Tesiting Electric Board
  • Install the Machine Structure
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KMSLASER Also Export on Other Beauty Machines

KMSLASER Shockwave Therapy Machines

KMSLASER is one of the biggest manufacturers of shock wave physical therapy in China. KMSLASER shock wave physical therapy is an interdisciplinary device that usually used by urology, orthopedics, sports medicine, physiotherapy, veterinary medicine, and many more. It is an ideal device for therapy for fast recovery and potency rehabilitation for causing chronic pain.

KMSLASER shock wave physical therapy conveys high vibrancy to its aching spots. It promotes the reconstruction of tendons, bones, other soft tissues. Shock wave physical therapy has a lot of benefits, it has an 80% success rate, no risk of infection, non-intervention, faster healing, nonsurgical, and drug-free. Most of the clients use this kind of device since it is convenient and non-anesthetic and can be applied for different tissue treatments.

KMSLASER  shock wave physical therapy is excellent for treating a variety of vascular problems, chronic conditions and etc., that may be caused by the insufficient circulation of blood. Best for normalization of muscle tone or muscle tendon, and can release stimulant of the skin pressure.

Our shock wave physical therapy is one of the useful devices for treating exterior orthopedic disorders. It is safe and has unique features that easy to use, and install. The best thing about having a shock wave physical therapy, it has an integrated electromagnetic generator. With 10 years approximately life span and it is easy to access for all the therapists and for the customers that have a business related to health and wellness.

KMSLASER shock wave physical therapy characterized by sophisticated designs, advantageous, and authentic through Chinese manufacturing. If you are looking for a shock wave physical therapy or any beauty machine for your business, KMSLASER is the leading producers of all kinds of shock wave physical therapy and any related machines like shock wave therapy machine, Hydro dermabrasion machines, radial shock wave therapy, and many others that go under security control.

In KMSLASER, all of our shock wave physical therapy OEM and ODM available. We are your one-stop-shop for all your beauty machines’ problems. We are committed to providing and creating new products based on our customer’s demand.

With more than 10 years in the manufacturing industry, we become the leading manufacturers of shock wave physical therapy not just in China but all throughout the world. We have good reputations and gain the customer’s trust. KMSLASER has the highest engineering capabilities to provide outstanding products that exactly fit your business needs. We offer 2 years warranty in all the beauty machines we manufacture.

For more details and information about our products, just message us and we will glad to help you regarding your shock wave physical therapy needs.

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