M9 Skin Analysis Machine

2019new upgraded with Huawei pad, no need to connect computer.

  • With Huawei Pad
  • Could connect Printer
  • Could record Analysis Datas
  • 2 Years Warranty

M9 Skin Analysis Machine Testimonial

Pixel: 20 million
Working system: Android system
Huawei pad: Included
Pixel:20 Million
Analyzer items: Acne,wrinkle,pore,spot,moisture,early stage skin lesion
Advantage 1: Automatic recognition of eyes, nose, mouth and eyebrows
Advantage 2: Auto-separating analysis of U zone and T zone
Screen: 10.1 Inches
Easy to use: video and manual come
Warranty: 2 Years

M9 Skin Analysis Machine Accessories

KMSLASER M9 Skin Analysis Machine

KMSLASER M9 Skin Analysis Machine

KMSLASER is one of the leading manufacturers of skin analysis machine in China. The skin analysis machine is designed to block the symptoms of damaged skin to reach the whole area of the skin. This machine is bespoke to those people who are conscious of their skin and to those who will start to avert from any skin problems, and take a treat to their skin. It can address covered sunburn, wrinkles, blocked pores, pigmentation,  and fine line wrinkles. The skin analysis machine is a new kind of technology machine that makes it effortless and now it can be used anywhere.

KMSLASER skin analysis machine is a great skin diagnostic system with unmatched technology. It can clog the pores, enlarged, or it can be from excess dead skin. The skin analysis machine will help to arbitrate if the person should use more moisturizers or whether they should focus more on using exfoliates. If men or women want to have great skin and get a healthier glow without applying cosmetics, skin analysis machine is a skin test should be great to try.

KMSLASER skin analysis machine is a professional process that allows users to observe and analyze their skin type, condition of their skin, and help to determine the best treatment which fits on your skin. This is the best step to try because it helps to choose the best products for your skin and make sure they are superb for achieving your desired outcome.

Our skin analysis machine will also provide an in-depth look at the hidden concerns you may have. It is a kind of technology that works in an accessible way possible. It takes pictures of your face examining the sun’s damage to your skin and how to dry the skin. When a client allows the skin analysis machines to tend to their skin, this treatment becomes more effective.

KMSLASER skin analysis is a procedure to look if the skin is healthy. Another purpose of this device is to classify the affected areas to recover within a person’s skin regime and it is effectively painless and not too hard. This method has no adverse effects when it comes to the skin test, it’s safe and doesn’t have any types of another treatment.

KMSLASER is a great skin analysis machine manufacturer. We have great and best skin analysis available. We offer the latest technology including skin analysis machine, portable skin analysis machine, digital skin analysis and many more. KMSLASER is a kind of manufacturer that always developing advanced technology and equipment to provide quality devices and equipment.

As a premier supplier, we have experts and full of experienced engineers. We have great ability to make effective treatments and devices which are truly effective and efficient. We are dedicated to providing the highest standard of health care devices.

If you desire to have and to try our products contact us,  we will give you the best beauty machine according to your requirements and needs!

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