Far Infrared Blanket 3 Zone

3 infrared heating zone

  • water-proof material
  • Carbon fire for Heating
  • Infrared heat range:35-80c
  • Blanket material: PU

Dr. Laura Hamilton“Incorporating sauna blanket treatments into our clinic has allowed us to offer our clients an effective, non-invasive option for relaxation and wellness. We’ve noticed a significant increase in bookings and overall client satisfaction.” – Dr. Laura Hamilton, Clinic Owner, Hamilton Health & Wellness



Peter Morgan“As a home user, the sauna blanket machine has been a fantastic investment. It’s user-friendly, and I’ve experienced numerous benefits from detoxification to stress relief.” – Peter Morgan, Home User



Susan King“Our spa clients have been extremely satisfied with the sauna blanket treatments. The machines have allowed us to offer unique, relaxing experiences that keep our clients coming back.” – Susan King, Spa Owner, Oasis Wellness Retreat

Rated Power: 300W
Maximum Time: 90 minutes
Maximum Temperature: 80C
Infrared Release: 9-16um
Infrared Output: 3 zones
Machine Dimension: 21cm(L)x24cm(W)x13cm(H)
Blanket Dimension: 180cm(L)x160cm(W)
Packing Dimension: 102cm(L)x46cm(W)x14cm(H)
Net.Weight: 8.5Kg
Gross.Weight: 9.8Kg

3 Zone Far Infrared Blanket Accessories

KMSLASER 3 Zone Far Infrared Blanket

KMSLASER 3 Zone Far Infrared Blanket

KMSLASER far infrared blanket is designed for various health benefits. It is the type of blanket that uses light and eat in the shape of infrared light waves. It is used to improve circulation to relieve pain, stress, and toxins. This can help detox through sweating, loose weight reduce inflammation, skin problem, ease anxiety and strengthen the cardiovascular system.

KMSLASER is one of the leading manufacturers of the far infrared blanket. We manufacture all classes of the far infrared blanket in China. This machine provides comprehensive treatment for joints and muscle support, speeds up metabolism, helps to rejuvenate the skin, fatigue, reduces chronic pain and muscle stiffness, and promotes a good quality of sleep. Through far infrared blanket, clients may experience comfort compare to traditional blankets. Ideal for spa use or home use.

KMSLASER far infrared blanket has a broad range of reactions, especially in medical health care. All of our products offer stabilization of the blood pressure, support wound healing, and hinder cancer cells. The best thing about the far infrared blanket is easier to breathe, can hold against high temperature for a longer time. No steam, no hot air, and no wetness. When using our products, customers can gain positive effects on health, mood, and image.

KMSLASER far infrared blanket is quite similar to a massive sleeping bag. The advantages of using this product are convenient, affordable, lightweight, and can be used in bed, floor, or even in chairs. Using this product regularly symptoms of anxiety can be lessened and give you a glowing and hydrated skin. It can reimpose sanity, attention, and calm.

All of our far infrared blankets have the best features like low power depletion, high efficiency, and nanoparticles.  Easy controller access, has low EMF heating, wide velcro strap, safe waterproof material, long-lived battery life, and most of all simple and handy usage. It has a safety feature if you can sense any problem far infrared blanket will automatically disconnect and can set the timer even 15 minutes to 1 hour.

If you are looking for far infrared blanket, KMSLASER is your one great solution for all your far infrared blanket. We have plenty of far infrared blanket for your business with ultimate specific applications. We made high quality of far infrared blanket to surpass the expectations of our clients and to satisfy them.

We have 10 years of experience in providing and developing world-class far infrared blanket. We strive hard to reach our main objective which is to provide satisfying products to help you grow your business.

If you are very much interested in our far infrared blanket, contact us now!

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