SW6S Shockwave Therapy Machine

  • New published machine
  • Modulized handle
  • English & Spanish for option
  • Electromagnetic technology

Patrick Harris“Working with the Shockwave Therapy Machine factory has been a pleasure. As a distributor, we appreciate their commitment to innovation, quality, and customer support. We look forward to a long and successful partnership.” – Patrick Harris, Distributor, Advanced Pain Solutions



Samantha Davis“Our clients can’t get enough of the Shockwave Therapy treatments. The machines are user-friendly, easy to maintain, and provide noticeable benefits. We’re so happy we made the investment.” – Samantha Davis, Clinic Owner, Pain Management Clinic



Mark Turner“As a home user, the Shockwave Therapy machine has made a significant difference in my pain management and overall wellbeing. It’s easy to use, and I’m thrilled with the results I’ve achieved.” – Mark Turner, Home User

Frequency: 1-21hz
Energy: 5-200mj
Applicator heads: 7 pieces different sized
Language: English & Spanish
Functions on display: 10 functions

SW6S Shockwave Therapy Machine Accessories

KMSLASER SW6s Shockwave Therapy Machine

SW6S Shockwave Therapy Machine

KMSLASER is one of the reliable manufacturers of shock wave therapy machine in China. KMSLASER shock wave therapy machine is a device used in acoustic waves to treat various musculoskeletal conditions. This is a kind of technology which helps to quickly find the source of the pain. KMSLAESR shock wave therapy machine is the ideal machine for treating shoulder injuries and the chronic stage of the myofascial syndrome.

KMSLASER shock wave therapy machine can provide high-quality, comfortable to use and achieves unprecedented results. It gives fast healing procedures of fragmentation or fractures that takes time to repair. Using the KMSLASER shock wave therapy machine it gives a great effect on the low back area and stiffness of the shoulder.

All of our shock wave therapy machine and other products are clinically proven which helps with trigger points, erectile dysfunction and, calcific tendonitis other applications. Most of our clients prefer this kind of machine since it is patient-friendly and no side effects, particularly it is effective when used to treat chronic conditions and areas where major connective attached to the bone. Our shock wave therapy machine is a safe, non-invasive procedure for patients suffering from many tendon joint and muscle disorders. It can stimulate the body’s natural self-healing process.

KMSLASER shock wave therapy machine can utilize acoustic pressure waves to soft tissue and penetrate the bones. It also offers two main advantages which can faster return to normal activity and fewer potential complications. It is an ideal device to have and maintain healthy bones and to sure that your foot, knee, shoulder, hip, and elbow are in good condition and stay function.

KMSLASER  is one of the best manufacturers and has the ability to manufacture high-quality shock wave therapy machines and other professional physiotherapy care including home shock wave therapy machine, radial shock wave therapy, and many more.

KMSLASER has a solid team and we are utilizing our specific strength. We can carry out the solution of patients and our clients. Our shock wave therapy machine and other equipment are under good management and we are following ISO standard strictly. We can give high-quality products and excellent services.

KMSLASER use professional technology for your timely service. We can offer you a better OEM shock wave therapy machine and other products. As a professional manufacturer, we have expert designers and engineers, as of that, we have a great capacity to provide the best kind of medical machines according to your needs.

If you are interested in our shock wave therapy machine and other products, just contact us and we will give the best products that you definitely deserve!

What is a Pneumatic Shockwave Therapy Machine?
A Pneumatic Shockwave Therapy Machine is a non-invasive medical device that uses high-energy pressure waves to help alleviate pain and promote healing in the body. It is commonly used for treating a variety of musculoskeletal conditions, and is gaining popularity in spa and salon settings for its potential aesthetic benefits.
How does Pneumatic Shockwave Therapy work?
The machine generates focused shockwaves by using compressed air, which are then transmitted to the targeted tissue through a specialized handpiece. These shockwaves stimulate blood circulation, cellular metabolism, and the body’s natural healing processes, providing pain relief and promoting tissue regeneration.
What training is required for spa and salon staff to operate a Shockwave Therapy Machine?
Proper training is crucial to ensure the safe and effective use of a Shockwave Therapy Machine. Training typically covers topics such as device operation, treatment protocols, and contraindications. Training can be provided by the machine manufacturer, a qualified distributor, or through accredited courses.
Are there any contraindications for Shockwave Therapy?
Yes, there are some contraindications for Shockwave Therapy, including pregnancy, malignancy, infections, and blood clotting disorders. It is essential to consult with a medical professional before undergoing treatment and to inform the therapist of any pre-existing health conditions.
How do I maintain and clean the Shockwave Therapy Machine?
Regular maintenance and cleaning are essential to prolong the lifespan and ensure the proper functioning of your Shockwave Therapy Machine. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for cleaning and maintenance, which typically involve wiping down the machine with a soft cloth and disinfectant, checking for wear and tear on applicators, and scheduling regular servicing.
How soon can clients expect to see results from Shockwave Therapy treatments?
Clients may notice improvements in their condition after just one session. However, most clients experience significant results after completing a series of treatments, typically within 3 to 6 sessions. Results can vary based on individual factors and the specific condition being treated.
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