Cryolipolysis machine For Body Slimming

With 4 Handles Different Sizes

  • Freezing Temperature:-12 – 5℃
  • Double-Chin Fat Removal Handle for option
  • With Heating Skin  Program
  • 2 Handles Could Work Together

Cryolipolysis machine-Testimonial

Model Number: CRYO-04
Package Size: 40*50*56cm
Handpiece: 4 handles for Opiton
Heating Degree: 37℃-45℃
Freezing Temperature: -12℃ to 5℃
Voltage: 110V/220V, 50hz/ 60Hz
Vacuum; 10-80Kpa

Cryolipolysis machine-Accessories

KMSLASER Cryolipolysis Machine



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