Lymphatic Massage Machine SA07

Air pressure +EMS+Infrared Heating

  • 18pieces air bags
  • 0-360mm/hg air pressure
  • 36V human safe voltage
  • 3in1 function

SA07 Pressotherapy machine-Testimonial

Lymphatic Massage Machine SA07
Pressure range:0-360mm/hg
Infrared heat range:35-80℃.
Voltage: AC 110-220v, 50-60 Hz
Timer: 1-99 min( 1 minute increments)
Machine material: Metal & Plastic
Vest Material: PU
Screen display: English
Air pressure piece: Made from Fiber Carbon
Vest colors: Gray/Orange/Blue
Machine Dimension:32 x 48.5 x 16cm
Packing Dimension: 102cm(L)x46cm(W)x14cm(H)
Net.Weight: 7.3Kg
Gross.Weight: 10.4Kg

SA07 Pressotherapy machine-Accessories

KMSLASER Lymphatic Massage Machine SA07

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