Oem 14 In 1 Diamond Peeling

Oem 14 In 1 Diamond Peeling-reviews

Max output:250VA
Ultrasound:1 MHz
Screen:15 inch Touch screen
High frequency:50Hz-60Hz
Handle:Hydrodermabrasion with 8 tips /Hydrodermabrasion with 9 diamond tips; Spray mist gun 1piece; BlO 1 piece;Three polar RF 1 piece;High frequency handle 1 piece,Ultrasound handle 2 pieces;Bio photoelctric 2 pieces;Skin scrubber 1 piece; Photon Brush 2 pieces
Warranty:l yearfor main machine and 3 months forspare parts

Oem 14 In 1 Diamond Peeling-Accessories

Oem 14 In 1 Diamond Peeling

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