Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine For Sale

2 handles Vertical Diode laser Hair Removal Machine

Wavelength: 755nm, &1064nm

Spot size; 15*40mm, & 15*20mm

David Johnson“The Diode Laser Hair Removal machines have been a game-changer for our salon’s hair removal services. Our clients appreciate the virtually pain-free treatments and the long-lasting results they’ve experienced.” – David Johnson, Salon Owner, Bare & Beautiful Studio



Dr. Angela Wright“Since adding Diode Laser Hair Removal treatments to our clinic’s services, we’ve seen a considerable increase in bookings and overall client satisfaction. The technology provides an effective, non-invasive option for long-term hair removal.” – Dr. Angela Wright, Clinic Owner, Laser Hair Removal Clinic



Samantha Baker“As a home user, the Diode Laser Hair Removal machine has been an amazing investment. It’s user-friendly and has helped me achieve long-lasting hair removal results without the need for regular salon visits.” – Samantha Baker, Home User

Spot size:15*20mm、15*40mm
Handle cooling:3℃~ -10℃
Energy:20-120 J/cm²
Laser diode wavelengths:755nm+808nm+1064nm
Frequency:1-10 Hz
Machine Power:3500W
Power of handle:Two High Power Handles 1200W / 1600W

diode laser hair removal machine-Accessories

Diode laser hair removal machine

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