KMS020 LED Light Therapy Machine with 7 light colors

We could customize 850nm infrared light

  • SMD LED lights
  • Japan Mitsubishi Diode LED
  • 2 years warranty
  • 7 light colors for option

LED Light Therapy Machine Testimonial

Light colors: Red, Blue, Yellow, Green,Red+
Light Type: SMD LED
Light Power: 1-10 Levels
Spectrum: Red: 625-635nm; Blue: 465-475nm; Yellow: 588-595nm
Pulse Frequency: 0-110Hz (O means continuous mode)
Treatment Time: 1-60 minutes
Treat Area: 55cm X 22cm
Led Numbers: 610 pieces SMD LEDs (RED:, BLUE: YEllow:)
Gross Weight: 15kgs
Dimension: 70cm X 45cm X142cm
Packing size: 92cm X 52cm X30cm
Electrical: 100-240Vac, 50/60Hz( self-adaptive)

LED Light Therapy Machine Accessories

KMSLASER KMS020 LED Light Therapy Machine with 7 light colors

KMSLASER KMS020 LED Light Therapy Machine with 7 light colors

KMSLASER LED therapy machine is a popular treatment machine. Designed for skincare treatment, and can treat acne, reduce inflammation, and promote anti-aging effects. LED light therapy machine is a kind of technology which involves the LED bulb’s number to distribute the optimized light through definitive wavelength to galvanize changes of the skin, without needing skincare element. One of the most effective treatments in all skin problems and issues including hypersensitive skin.

KMSLASER LED light therapy machine stands as anti-aging equipment since it has the ability to vitalize collagen. This machine can enlarge the skin and can make the skin resilient. One of the very effective machines because it has the ability to reduce the redness that identifies with weak capillaries and can help keep skin moisture. It is very useful for invigorating blemishes, and improving sun damage.

KMSLASER  LED light therapy machine can use as anti-bacterial and ideal for those who have sensitive skin. A big help in removing waste from the skin. To get the best result, better combine the blue and red light therapy. LED light therapy machine has a great capacity to give relief for joint pain. Using LED light therapy machine it gives various positive reaction for skin such as scuffle the cause of acne bacteria, decreasing wrinkles and plumping skin.

Choosing LED light therapy for business, home, and office treatment is a great option especially for those who want to light up their dark spots. Of course, it is ideal for those who always in front of the camera. This makes it feels more comfortable and more relaxing.

LED light therapy machine is the safest treatment for all types of skin. It is a kind of treatment with FDA approved. Using an LED light therapy machine for treatment may bring best and satisfying results such as glowing, healthier and smoother skin. It can also brighten up the dry skin.

KMSLASER is a professional manufacturer of LED light therapy machine. We continue developing and producing the newest energy equipment and reputable supplier of beauty treatment machines. We are have trusted, knowledgeable and expert engineers and staff. KMSLASER’s team is respectful, supportive, and treating our clients in a professional way. All of our LED light therapy machine users are satisfy and enjoying.

Our team is always available if ever you are needing advice if how to ensure LED light therapy machine can stand out in your brand market. Our products are all formulated using advanced technology and raw materials. We manufacture beauty and skincare products by using modern types of machinery to achieve the best result.

We own the full capability to become world-class and be the first innovation in beauty care and skincare. KMSLASER manufactures different types of equipment with effectiveness and 10 years of life span. We also set up an advanced testing machine to ensure quality products.

If you are interested in our products, don’t hesitate to contact us and to discuss more regarding our products. We are happy to entertain and to serve you!

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