Your Expert Magnetic therapy machine

* Promotes wound healing and tissue repair
* Supports collagen production
* Reduces swelling and inflammation
* Improves joint health
* Improves physical performance

Qualified Infrared Blanket to Boom Your Business


KMSLASER Magnetic therapy machine is specially designed for medical use for body tissue repair. It repairs chronic inflammation of tendons and joints. , has a positive effect on health.

Infrared Blanket That Easy to Install

Simple installation and easy operation

And Easy to Maintenance

Maintenance of the Magnetic Ring Therapy Machine is very easy.

Unique & Outlooking Patent Design
Self Developed Mode
Full Certification
Quick Delivery & Customs Clearance

Why KMSLASER Magnetotherapy physio is Perfect for Your Business

  • Promotes wound healing and tissue repair
  • Supports collagen production
  • Reduces swelling and inflammation
  • Improves joint health
  • Magnetic Ring Therapy Machine-2
  • Magnetic Ring Therapy Machine-1
  • Magnetic Ring Therapy Machine

Hundreds of Happy Customers from Different Countries

Feedbacks from all over the word。

How We Build Your Magnetic Therapy Therapy Machine

  • Tesiting Electric Board
  • Install the Machine Structure
PS: You Can Buy All Magnetotherapy physio Accessories From us

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KMSLASER Also Export on Other Beauty Machines

KMSLASER Infrared Blankets

KMSLASER is a well-known manufacturer of the infrared blanket in China. We manufacture all kinds of high-class sauna blanket. Our sauna blanket is designed to detoxify the body and best treatment to relax from any stress. One of the main purposes of a sauna blanket is to heat and wrap the body to cause it to sweat. To get rid of undesirable chemicals and seize up fatty or greasy issues.

KMSLASER infrared blanket ameliorates the blood circulation and burns 600 calories in less than 30 minutes session. Using Infrared Blankets blanket has a lot of benefits. It is perfect for skincare, weight loss, pain relief, robust the immune system, can lower hypertension, and relieve the muscle tensions.

Most of the customer like infrared blanket since it is very popular options in the market because of its amazing results. The infrared blanket is in demand in spa treatment because it releases toxins and cause of anxiety, gives radiant skin and energy, uplifted mood, improves sleep, and euphoria. A lot of health problems can be treated in using an infrared blanket such as a headache, arthritis, dementia, congestive heart failure, Alzheimer’s disease.

KMSLASER infrared blanket has great features. Customers can enjoy a sauna in any place since it is portable and foldable. Perfect for professional and home usage. It can range up to 75 degrees temperature with 60 minutes timer. All of our infrared blankets have three equable self-sufficient heating sections particularly in the lower body, abdominal area, and upper body with free selected temperature zone. This type of infrared blanket was made from high-quality materials. Soft inside with tensile waterproof, no harmful chemical odor, and can resist bends and stretches. Accommodates in any sizes and shapes.

Our infrared blanket standout among the other since it is easy to use with remote control, durable blanket, heats up fast and has an automatic safety switch. Once it cools down, it bends down into a close-packed for the easy repository and can enjoy in the long run. KMSLASER can customize blanket according to customers’ requirements. The infrared blanket has a restored memory function that recalls the timer and temperature, less worry in using a sauna every time.

Men and women nowadays wanting to enjoy the free time in a soothing and lighten the mood, sauna blanket can give it. With our top-quality infrared blanket customers can feel the extensive difference when it comes to health conditions. It can receive a  liberal boost whoever use this blanket and feel the stress-free and feel at ease.

KMSLASER is one of the great manufacturers of the infrared blanket. Not just a sauna blanket but also different classes of health and beauty machines perfect for your awesome business. Like slimming blanket sauna, infrared sauna blanket, infra-slim body sauna, infrared sauna, heat blanket for weight loss, and many more.

We are in this field for more than 10 years now. Our experience in the manufacturing industry will give us the courage to do more and give more satisfying products for our valued customers for the success of your business.

If you are in need of an infrared blanket or other products related to beauty and health, feel free to contact us.


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