SW20S Portable Shockwave Therapy Machine For ED

24 sets protocol displayed on the screen

  • Pneumatic ED Shockwave Therapy Machine
  • 24 sets protocol displayed
  • German Thomas Compressor
  • 6 bar Maximum Energy

Elizabeth Jackson“Incorporating Shockwave Therapy treatments into our clinic has provided our clients with an effective, non-invasive option for pain management. We’ve noticed a significant increase in bookings and overall client satisfaction.” – Elizabeth Jackson, Clinic Owner, Total Health Clinic



John Clark“As a distributor, we value the commitment to innovation and quality from the Shockwave Therapy Machine factory. They’ve consistently delivered high-quality machines, and we look forward to a long and successful partnership.” – John Clark, Distributor, Medical Tech Distributors



“Our clients are thrilled with the Shockwave Therapy treatments, and the machines are easy to operate and maintain. We’re delighted with the positive impact they’ve had on our clinic’s offerings.” – Angela Perez, Clinic Owner, Advanced Therapy Solutions

Frequency: 1-15hz
Energy: 1-6 bar step by 0.5bar
Screen display: 8” touch screen
Applicator heads: 5 pieces different sizes
Language: English
Functions on display: 24 sets protocol
Compressor: German Thomas Brand

SW20S ED Shockwave Machine Accessories

KMSLASER Portable Shockwave Therapy Machine For ED

SW20S Portable Shockwave Therapy Machine For ED

KMSLASER is one of the leading manufacturers of portable shockwave therapy machines for ED in China. ED shockwave machine is one of the affordable machines that may use for any treatments. It carries to break up the kidney stone, muscle pain, and many more. Using ED shockwave machine for treatment has a very high success rate.

KMSLASER Portable shockwave therapy machine for ED is a majority of patients who undergo it see improvement of their pain and functionality. This is a type of treatment machine that appears to be useful especially for those dealing with plantar fasciitis. It reduces heel pain by 80-90 percent for those people suffering from this condition. The best thing about portable shockwave therapy machine for ED is that it has no anaesthesia, no medication, no surgery, and painless.

A lot of benefits that may gain in using Portable shockwave therapy machine for ED like it provides long-lasting results, it can ameliorate normal sexual functionality, relieve joint pain, and etc.

KMSLASER portable shockwave therapy machine for ED is also a very fast treatment option. It offers many benefits especially with regards to time savings. For taking this treatment clients don’t need to waste time in your day to do this. Instead, it only takes 20-30 minutes only and then feels better afterward than it did before.

KMSLASER portable shockwave therapy machine for ED is a viable option to treat any orthopedic injury or illness. However, a Portable shockwave therapy machine for ED  is a spectacular tool for treating several health conditions, invasiveness, and all with less-risks compared to many conventional treatments.

KMSLASER is the most trusted Portable shockwave therapy machine for ED manufacturer. We have superior engineering capability and we can provide professional consultants for your project so that your project will be 100 % fit to production. We will provide the complete manual and video with instructions for every product. All our equipment is both modern and designed to provide much faster healing results.

All of our equipment machines have no side-effects, safety, easy to maintain and operate, and effortless to track the record treatment history. Together with our team and staff, we are helpful courteous and respectful, providing services to help speed up the recovery process and provide an atmosphere of trust. We have many types of equipment available, including medical and beauty machine for treatments that are specific to the type of condition.

For more than 10 years in the manufacturing industry, you can ensure that you get your products with great quality without any damages and can function accordingly.

If you are interested in our portable shockwave therapy machine for ED and want to try our different products do not hesitate to contact us!

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