SPA19 Hydrodermabrasion Machine

11in1 Hydrodermabrasion Machine

  • 2020 new in the market
  • 11in1 multi-function
  • Touch screen for easy operate
  • 100Kpa Vacuum pressure

SPA19 Hydrafacial Machine Testimonial

Vacuum: 100Kpa
Tech: Hydro dermabrasion, Photon Light
Max output: 250VA
Operate: 10.4” Touch screen
Handles: Hydro dermabrasion with 8 tips
Diamond dermabrasion with 9 tips
Bio microcurrent 1 piece
Microcurrent gloves 1 pair
Vacuum pen 3 different sizes
photon light with 2 handles
Spray mist gun 1 piece
Bipolar RF handle 1 piece
Tripolar RF handle 1 piece
LED handles 2 pieces
Ultrasonic skin scrubber 1 piece
Voltage: 100-240VAC, 50/60hz
Package size: 66cm X49cm X120cm

SPA19 Hydrafacial Machine Accessories

KMSLASER SPA19 Hydrodermabrasion machine

SPA19 Hydrodermabrasion Machine

KMSLASER Hydrodermabrasion Machine is a non-laser technology used for different kinds of treatment. It uses a vacuum for negative pressure, foam, and nutrient mixture for the treatment process. KMSLASER is one of the executive manufacturers of Machines not just in China but worldwide. Hydrodermabrasion Machine is used in detaching dead skin from the skin layer, get rid of the large pores, and lighten the skin.

KMSLASER Hydrodermabrasion Machine gives satisfying benefits. It provides youthful-looking skin, exterminates the degradation from the skin. Excellent in exfoliating cleanses, and restore the skin. Through Hydrodermabrasion Machine it gives impeccable results that cannot be seen in ordinary or normal facial. This equipment gives pleasurable benefits that you deserve.

KMSLASER Hydrodermabrasion Machine is one of the well-known facial equipment around the world because it cures or treats dry skin and symptoms of aging. Enhance the skin in many ways, like fats, clear the skin color. Lessen the wrinkles, enlarge the firmness, skin texture, and even the dark spots. And also abolish skin adulteration. All of our beauty equipment including Hydrodermabrasion has no side effects and no age required.

Our Hydrodermabrasion Machine in enhancing eye skin, can fix different skin issues, and treat blackheads. In Hydrodermabrasion Machine it features roll contemporary probe in detaching grease in the face. With the use of our Hydrodermabrasion product, you can achieve your desired skin type. It initializes the collagen cells to enable them to grow up, increasing the flexibility of the skin, whitens decrease the skin impurities.

Many of our customers preferred Hydrodermabrasion Machine since it helps to reduce the acne problems and its scars, restoring the health of the skin. Get rid of the redness and sensitiveness of the skin and most of all it serene the skin. It free from toxic oxygen kills bacteria.

If you are one of the owners of a facial spa or facial center, this equipment is the best option for those who need to treat their oily skin, effectively eliminates the superfluity of aging components. And most of all it helps maintain the overall skin health condition.

KMSLASER is one of the leading manufacturers of all classes of Hydrodermabrasion machines in China. Not just Hydrodermabrasion  Machine only but a lot of beauty machine equipment such as Hydrodermabrasion machine, microdermabrasion machine, and many more. We manufacture high-quality of Hydrodermabrasion Machine that passed the international standards and safety measures.

We strive hard together with our knowledgeable engineers and staff to produce one of a kind facial solution for your acquired business. We just not focus on innovating beauty machine products but also on building our outstanding reputation towards our customers around the world. We care about your appearance. We continue to develop this type of equipment by the use of the latest machinery to get satisfying results.

If you are interested in our Hydrodermabrasion Machine, don’t hesitate to contact us now. We will give you the amazing products that you exactly deserve!

What is a Hydrodermabrasion machine, and how does it work?
A Hydrodermabrasion machine is a skincare device designed to perform hydrodermabrasion treatments, a non-invasive procedure that combines exfoliation, extraction, and hydration. The machine uses a specialized handpiece with a spiral tip to deliver water and serums to the skin, effectively removing dead skin cells, unclogging pores, and nourishing the skin for a rejuvenated appearance.
What features should a high-quality Hydrodermabrasion machine have?
A high-quality Hydrodermabrasion machine should offer adjustable settings for suction strength and water flow, allowing for customized treatments based on individual skin concerns and types. The machine should also include a variety of serum options, ergonomic handpieces, and easy-to-use controls for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.
How does a Hydrodermabrasion machine differ from a traditional microdermabrasion machine?
A Hydrodermabrasion machine relies on water and targeted serums to exfoliate, extract, and hydrate the skin, while a traditional microdermabrasion machine uses abrasive crystals or a diamond tip for exfoliation. Hydrodermabrasion machines are gentler on the skin, resulting in less irritation and redness, making them suitable for sensitive skin types.
Can a Hydrodermabrasion machine be used on clients with specific skin concerns or conditions?
Yes, a Hydrodermabrasion machine is versatile and can be used to address various skin concerns, such as acne, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles. By selecting the appropriate serums and adjusting the treatment settings, a skincare professional can customize the treatment to meet the individual needs of each client.
How easy is it to maintain and clean a Hydrodermabrasion machine?
Maintaining and cleaning a Hydrodermabrasion machine is relatively simple. Regular maintenance tasks include cleaning the handpiece and tips, replacing the water and waste containers, and sanitizing the machine according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Proper maintenance ensures optimal performance and extends the machine’s lifespan.
What is the typical price range for a Hydrodermabrasion machine?
The price of a Hydrodermabrasion machine can vary depending on its features, quality, and brand. Generally, prices range from $1,000 to $7,000, with more advanced machines costing more. It is essential to research and compare different machines to ensure the best value for your investment.
Do Hydrodermabrasion machines come with a warranty or support package?
Most reputable Hydrodermabrasion machine manufacturers offer warranties and support packages, including technical support, repairs, and replacement parts. The warranty duration and coverage may vary, so it is essential to inquire about these details before making a purchase.
How can brand distributors, spas, and salons promote Hydrodermabrasion treatments to clients?
To effectively promote Hydrodermabrasion treatments, businesses can showcase before-and-after photos, offer introductory discounts, and provide client testimonials. Additionally, educating clients about the benefits and differences between hydrodermabrasion and traditional microdermabrasion can help attract new clients and encourage existing clients to try the treatment.
Is financing available for the purchase of a Hydrodermabrasion machine?
Many manufacturers and distributors offer financing options for the purchase of Hydrodermabrasion machines, making it more accessible for businesses to invest in the equipment. Financing options may include leasing, loans, or payment plans, depending on the provider and the specific terms.
Can I upgrade or add features to my Hydrodermabrasion machine after purchasing?
Could not.
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