cryoskin C8 reviews

Power: 80W
Air pressure range:0.1Mpa
Electrical 110-220v, 50-60 Hz
Machine material: Metal & Plastic
Vest Material: PU
Air pressure piece: Made from Fiber Carbon
Vest colors: Blue/Orange
Machine color: White
Operation: Button control
Package size: 62cm X42cm X31cm
Gross weight: 15kgs

Cryoskin machine--Accessories

KMSLASER Cryoskin machine C8

Is this cryoskin machine same as cryo-T shock?
Not exactly the same, we are different model with different design and software.
The cryoskin machine is with 3 different handles?
Yes, 30mm+50mm+70mm, 3 different handles.
Do you have a user manual for the cryoskin machine?
Yes, please write to us to get the user manual of the cryoskin machine.
Are you able to add logo to the cryoskin machine C8?
yes, it is free to put your logo on the machine screen display.
Your logo will be shown like this on the cryoskin machine.
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