SW9S Focused Shock Wave Therapy Machine

with 11 pieces of applicator heads

  • Pneumatic Technology
  • Radial, focused & Flat heads
  • 11 pieces different sized heads
  • 6 Bar energy

Jennifer Carter“The Shockwave Therapy machines have significantly improved our clinic’s pain management options. Clients appreciate the non-invasive treatments, and we’ve seen a boost in bookings and client satisfaction since introducing them to our services.” – Jennifer Carter, Clinic Owner, Innovative Pain Solutions



Steven Gonzalez“As a brand seller, we’re proud to offer our clients the Shockwave Therapy machines. The technology is cutting-edge, and our customers have experienced impressive results. We’re excited about our partnership with the factory.” – Steven Gonzalez, Brand Seller, Pain Relief Innovations



Julia Allen“Incorporating the Shockwave Therapy machines into our clinic has been a game-changer. Clients appreciate the non-invasive, effective treatments, and we’ve noticed a surge in bookings as a result.” – Julia Allen, Clinic Owner, Advanced Pain Clinic

Frequency: 1-21Hz
Energy: 1-6 bar
Applicator heads: 11 pieces of different sizes
Screen display: English
Working Mode: C mode & P mode
Program: 10 functions displayed
User manual: Provided
Operation video: Provided

SW9S Low-Intensity Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy Machine Accessories

KMSLASER SW9S Focused Shock Wave Therapy Machine

SW9S SW9S Focused Shock Wave Therapy Machine

KMSLASER Focused Shock Wave Therapy Machine is a non-invasive system with no downtime after shockwave treatment. Clients could go and continue their normal life after each treatment finished.

KMSLASER Focused Shock Wave Therapy Machine could be applied to treat: therapy on back and shoulders, Sports Injury, Heel Spurs, Achillodynia, Plantar fasciitis, Patellar tendinitis, tendinitis of the shoulder, male erectile dysfunction, etc.

KMSLASER developed different models of Focused Shockwave Therapy Machines for different customer types at different prices. For sure, you will find an ideal one in KMSLASER.

Focused Shockwave Therapy Machine is with low intensity but effectively do treatment since the wave’s energy could penetrate 40mm depth under the skin. Which is an ideal treat distance for different treatments on the body.

KMSLASER Focused Shockwave Therapy Machines are portable design, also we have hand-take one that you could easily carry it and take it everywhere around the world. All the shock wave therapy machines are with different applicator heads to meet your requirements of different body issues.

KMSLASER produces also pneumatic shockwave therapy machines with higher power for clinical usage.

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