COOLWAVE Home Shockwave Therapy Cryolipolysis Machine

Shockwave Therapy machine Combined with cryolipolysis

  • 2in 1 multi-function machine
  • Mini screen display on the handle
  • English on the screen display
  • Electromagnetic shockwave
  • 2 handles could work at the same time

COOLWAVE Home Shockwave Therapy Cryolipolysis Machine Testimonial

Frequency: 1-21hz
Energy: 5-200mj
Applicator heads: 7 pieces different sized
Language: English
Functions on display: 10 functions
Working modes: C mode & P mode
Cryo handles: 4 pieces of different sizes
Double chin removal: Mini handle for double-chin removal

COOLWAVE Home Shockwave Therapy Cryolipolysis Machine Accessories

KMSLASER Sw6s Shockwave Therapy Machine

KMSLASER COOLWAVE Home Shockwave Therapy Cryolipolysis Machine

KMSLASER Home Shockwave Therapy machine is also named as electromagnetic shockwave. That is different from Pneumatic shockwave.

Home Shockwave Therapy machine applies Electromagnetic induction technology. It is ideally designed for pain relief, body massage, body slimming and ED male erectile dysfunction. The energy of the extracorporeal shockwave therapy machine could penetrate 40mm under the skin.

KMSLASER Home Shockwave Therapy machine is good for spa and salon. The machines are with touch screen, easy for the operator to choose different body parts as programmed on-screen, and they are all with 10 programs as showed on-screen display. KMSLASER could customize your salon/spa logo on the shockwave therapy machines. Machine software and structure engineers are ready here in KMSLASER to realize your thought of newly designed machines or total brand newly developed Home Shockwave Therapy machines.

Home shockwave machine treatments are fast treatment, no surgery, and no downtime. You could use the machine every 5-7days, after 4 -5 times treatment, you will see effective results.

If you are a new start-up business, we will provide you the best solution based on your budget, and we will support your free design pictures of the new model.

KMSLASER produces a pneumatic shockwave therapy machine also, which is suitable for clinics and orthopedics treatment. Send an inquiry for your next home shock wave therapy machine.

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