Lymphatic Drainage Pressotherapy Machine SA04

Air pressure+Infrared heating

  • English in display
  • 40-187mm/hg air pressure
  • 36V human safe voltage
  • 2in1 function

Lymphatic Drainage Pressotherapy Machine SA04 Testimonial

Power supply:500W
Maximum Treatment Time: 90 minutes
Infrared Temperature:35-80c
Air pressure range 1-7 levels
Infrared heat range:35-80c.
Electrical 110-220v, 50-60 Hz
Machine material: Metal & Plastic
Vest Material: PU
Screen display: English
Air pressure piece: Made from Fiber Carbon
Vest colors: Green
Machine Dimension:40cm X 27cm X20cm

Lymphatic Drainage Pressotherapy Machine SA04 Accessories

KMSLASER Lymphatic Drainage Pressotherapy Machine

KMSLASER Lymphatic Drainage Pressotherapy Machine SA04

KMSLASER lymphatic drainage machine helps eliminate waste and toxins from the bodily tissues. There are health issues that cause lymph fluid to increase. There are a lot of ways you can use lymphatic drainage treatment. Our body parts have a dissimilar mechanism of nodes.

The lymph drainage or vibration machines make use of different technologies to clear out distinctive problematic parts of the body. These machines are much more powerful and help solve lymphedema, much faster and effectively than manual lymph drainage massage.

KMSLASER lymphatic drainage machine can help the patients relax and rest on the stretchers. For the moment the therapist gets the machine ready and there are vacuum systems to drain the lymph. The therapist slides the vacuum pipes next to lymphatic passages trailing the route of the lymph. This procedure is not all hurting or painful. Actually, most people come across as it being very relaxing.

KMSLASER lymphatic drainage machine is a very quick and systematic way to recover from infections. These include eliminating fatty acids and infection-fighting white cells. It is a much faster way to overcome the ailment rather than manual massage therapy. This boosts immune systems rapidly. It increases the oxygen flow in the tissues of the body. In addition, it reduces the swelling or inflammation and bloating at least 20 times.

KMSLASER lymphatic drainage machine has a therapy that helps to lose weight. For people who have a severe problem of fatty acid accumulation in their bodies, this is the best way to get rid of that unwanted tissue. The procedure is a rapid way to throw away the waste products that are present in the body and improve the blood flow. The main job of the lymph system is to drain the waste products and extra water of the body.

KMSLASERis an excellent manufacturer of lymphatic drainage machine in China. For more than 10 years in the manufacturing industry, we produce aesthetic equipment of high standard and performance levels with graceful designs. Our assignment is to research, design, produce, market and train about aesthetic equipment in order to fulfill the international market.

We have been fully supplying our consumers with competitively priced high quality good, prompt delivery and qualified provider for Lymphatic Drainage Machine, Ion Ultrasonic Beauty Machine, Facial Streamer Professional, Butt Breast Enlargement, Base within the small business concept of Top quality initially, we want to reach more and additional friends within the word and we hope to provide the ideal solutions and services to you.

KMSLASER has its own factory and also has many authentic and well-cooperated factories in the field. Stand by to the quality first, customer first. We are providing high quality, low-cost products, and first-class service to the customer. We sincerely hope to establish business relationships with costumer from different places in the world on the basis of quality, mutuality benefit. We welcome OEM projects and designs.

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