RV3S RF Skin Tightening Machine

3 Vacuum RF handles with LED laser lights

  • English & Spanish written on Display
  • Modulized handles
  • Vacuum RF handle with LED lights
  • 3 different sized handles

RV3S RF Facial Skin rejuvenation Machine Testimonial

Model Number: RV3S
Vacuum: 10-80Kpa Adjustable
RF handles: S, M & L different Sizes
Time: 1-120 minutes adjustable
Package size: 44.5 * 39.5* 56cm
Photo Light: Red ,Blue & Green
Functions: Face lift, Skin rejuvenation, Weight loss , & Wrinkle Removal

RV3S RF Facial Skin rejuvenation Machine Accessories

KMSLASER RV3S RF Skin Tightening Machine

RV3S RF RF Skin Tightening Machine

KMSLASER is the excellent manufacturer of RF facial skin rejuvenation machine in China. RF facial skin rejuvenation machine is all about appealing patient’s collagen production. This machine is being used to heat skin during the treatment. Yes patient can feel heat to their skin but its comfortable. And it only takes 30 minutes of treatment and patient will never feel any discomfort.

KMSLASER RF facial skin rejuvenation machine is easily kind of treatment and no need to waste any time. It also give resilient lift and heightened volume. And it can boost collagen production. This machine is great for mollifying fine lines such as in nose up to mouth lines. It can arise cheeks and tightening the skin. RF facial  skin rejuvenation machine is great for prevention of age. Unlike others, this method is can activate the healing skin which cause of elastin fibers.

KMSLASER RF facial skin rejuvenation machine is never involve scary tools. With this treatment skin looking more sturdy and tighter. RF facial skin rejuvenation machine have a fast result and effect even with first treatment. This machine commit on body with normal healing. To super relaxing and comfortable kind of treatment most of the patient feel asleep while taking a treatment.

Our RF facial skin rejuvenation machine is able to crack up the cellulite which creates fat cells. It focused in sagging skin and tighten the skin without damage. It not only use on face but it can also use in body’s skin. RF facial skin rejuvenation machine is a treatment that can able to smooth of all kinds of stretchmarks.

This treatment is absolutely painless without side effects which most of the problem of other treatments. The beauty of RF facial skin rejuvenation machine is suitable for most people such as, younger and older patients.

KMSLASER is the leading manufacturer of beauty care treatment machines. We are devoted to beauty equipment. We are a professional skincare consultant and manufacturer. We also committed to developing OEM and other skincare products.

If you are needing skincare equipment for your business, we can create and customized formulation and develop label products to specifically fit the needs of your projects. We manufacture various kinds of beauty and skin care machines.

All our equipment, devices, and system are certified ISO and FDA approved to make sure the quality and safety of the products. We have also advance testing technology and we strict about quality control.  We conform strictly to the highest international requirements to guarantee optimal standards and safety of the product. We do more efforts to ensuring that all our products receive best kind of product from us.

We have 10 years of experience in production and as a reliable supplier. We are looking forward to establishing long-term relation with our clients. You can ensure that all our staff are helpful and willing to give satisfying services. We will make unremitting efforts.

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