Contour light therapy machine

5D lipo laser

Lamp Source:lmported chips for assemble
Lamp Type:Low intensity diode
Quantities of Lamps:1620pcs with 5 pcs Light pads +I pc Maxlipo light Mask
Each Lamp Energy:200MW
Input Powe:<500W
Working Mode:Continuous and Pulse
Treatment Pads:6pcs (1 large, 2 medium, 2 small) and Maxlipo light Mask
Touch Screen:8 inch Touch Screen
Cooling System:Air Cooled
Safety:On Board Diagnostics
Classification:Electrical Class Il , Type B applied part
ngress Rating:IPXO
Environmental Requirement:10’C to 40CNon-condensing humidities below 75% RH
CE:CE with LVD and EMC
Cart Package size:68cm*61cm*39cm
Machine PackingSiz:42x40x32cm
G.w.:Host:6KG; Cart and Pads:19kg

Contour light therapy machine-Accessories

Contour light therapy machine

Are there any restrictions as to who can be treated?

Lipo laser is safe and beneficial for the vast majority of people. There are three exceptions for which a patient would need a physician’s clearance to be able to utilize the Contour Light.

They include:
Patients that have a medical condition that seriously inhibits proper waste elimination via the liver and kidneys may struggle, because during the treatment cells release fat and toxins into the lymphatic system for elimination from the body, passing through the liver and kidneys. If the liver or kidneys are already compromised, this process could cause further congestion.

Patients who have extreme light sensitivity, either due to a medical condition or a medication, should get clearance from their doctors before using red light therapy.

Patients who are pregnant need to check with their OB doctors before utilizing Lipo laser, and should not use the pads in the abdomen area.

What is 635nm and 880nm technology?

635nm and 880nm are the wavelengths on the light spectrum that when harnessed provide the most effective red light therapy. The 635nm and 880nm light when combined are able to penetrate the skin and activate the cells’ mitochondria to produce cellular energy, as well as stimulate the production of collagen and elastin in the skin.

Is the Contour Light device safe?

Yes, absolutely. The light emitted by the Contour Light device is cool, and it does not generate excessive heat, so it will not burn or damage the tissue. However, the light is very bright and patients should take care to shield their eyes with goggles if using the face mask. Short glances at the light will not harm the eyes, but staring at the light should be completely avoided.

Do patients need to follow a strict diet and exercise regimen?

Lipo laser along with a healthy life style of good nutrition and moderate exercise will result in remarkable and measurable results. That said, there is no particular diet or exercise regimen required, but drinking plenty of water and even a 15-20 minute walk or moderate exercise following a treatment will noticeably enhance the results.

Are there other Red Light Therapy 635nm devices on the market?

There are several 635nm devices in two different categories on the market. Laser based devices have high energy output for targeted deep tissue treatments, are classified as medical devices and require physician oversight and a licensed technician to operate.LED based devices, like Contour Light, use lower level light energy output that can safely treat larger areas on the body and does not require a licensed technician to operate. Both are effective forms of Photobiomodulation: Red light treatments that stimulate healthy cell energy response.

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