LS650 10pads Laser Lipo Machine

10pads with 160mw per laser diode

  • Touch screen
  • Each pad could be chosen individually
  • English Screen Display
  • Foldable screen

Susan Martin“As a home user, the lipo laser body slimming machine has been an excellent investment. It’s easy to use and has helped me achieve impressive results in body shaping and fat reduction without the need for invasive treatments.” – Susan Martin, Home User



Olivia Turner“Our spa clients have been thrilled with the results from the lipo laser body slimming machine. The machine has allowed us to offer targeted, effective treatments for body contouring and fat reduction, and we’re proud to work with a factory that produces such high-quality products.” – Olivia Turner, Spa Owner, Body Beautiful Spa


David Wilson“Integrating the lipo laser body slimming machine into our salon has provided our clients with an effective, non-invasive option for body shaping and fat reduction. We’ve seen a boost in bookings and overall client satisfaction since adding this innovative technology to our services.” – David Wilson, Salon Owner, Shape & Sculpt Studio

Machine power: 350W
Power per diode: 160mw
laser pads: 8 big pads & 2 mini pads
Diodes on big pad: 8 pcs
Diodes on small pad:1pc
Touch screen: English Written
Each pad could be chosen individually
Warranty 2 years

lipo laser machine Accesoories

KMSLASER LS650 Laser Lipo Machine

KMSLASER LS650 Laser Lipo Machine

KMSLASER  lipo laser slimming machine is a newly designed technology for decreasing body fat. It is a specialized type of device to clear out the plenty of fat stored in the person’s body bypassing laser over that affected area. Those who wish a streamlined body structure with essential effort can betterment from this device. It is more easiest and safer method than another process. It can be applied in tummy, knees, back, and waist.

KMSLASER lipo laser slimming machine includes advance laser technology that’s why the procedure is very fast and the patient regains in a short term of time. The device triggers the cell itself to clear water and fatty acids developing the retiring of skin. Lipo laser slimming machine is run over, focused well at the fatted area. It can remove 500 calories from your fat cells decreasing the overall row fats.

Using lipo laser slimming machine, the total treating sessions may conflict with person to person and the number of pounds are missed. Any side of your skin can be applied and treated using this device. The process is less invasive so the clients never experience or feel any traumas. The lipo laser slimming machine clabber the blood during the process decreasing the internal injury or swelling.

KMSLASER lipo laser slimming machine is the safest kind of treatment. The treatment method will fit for those people who want to decrease a little bit of weight by focusing on a certain area which have a problem like hips, arms, and any parts of the body. People who are overweight and those who haven’t get any better effect from the current therapies are evidence that this treatment is the best choice.

Our lipo laser slimming machine is work on the exterior part of a person’s skin to inter up on fat deposits. The lipo laser slimming machine disperses the fat and migrates into a liquid that can be melted by a small partition with a tiny vacuum pump. With Lipo Laser slimming machine treatment, not only will the person avoid injure, but also skin never sag. Once the fat is diverted,  no need to have rolls of another skin that required to be adjusted and toughen, the laser already did that for customers.

KMSLASER is the best manufacturer for smart options to diffuse the fat away including lipo laser slimming machine, laser fat removal, and other fat removal equipment. As a qualified manufacturer, we follow the international quality standard for supplying and producing body care products and equipment. Our products are in high performance, low maintenance, and long term services.

KMSLASER’s team consist of the professional production managers, quality controllers, engineers, technicians, and other respective staffs, as of that client’s can guarantee and ensure our products truly quality and worldwide class. All of KMSLASER’s product is designed strictly in accordance with ISO and FDA approval.

If you are interested in our quality healthcare products, just contact us and we will discuss more information and advantages of our products, equipment, and devices!


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