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  • vacuum degree:0-360mm/Hg
  • 36V Human safety voltage
  • OEM&ODM Available
  • Unique design

Qualified Pressotherapy Machine to Revitalize Your Body


KMSLASER’s pressotherapy machine offers a non-invasive way to boost circulation, promote detoxification, and alleviate symptoms of circulatory conditions. Using air pressure to stimulate the lymphatic system, the machine helps to reduce swelling and inflammation, improve skin texture and tone, and promote overall wellness. Safe and effective for all individuals, our pressotherapy machine is a must-have for any spa or wellness center.


Pressotherapy Machine That Easy to Install

Pressotherapy The machine is already assembled in our factory. You just need to install the handle.

And Easy to Maintenance

Pressotherapy Maintenance of the machine is very easy. Just use the tools included in the machine package and follow the video.

Unique & Outlooking Patent Design
Self Developed Mode
Full Certification
Quick Delivery & Customs Clearance

Why KMSLASER pressotherapy machine is Perfect for Boost Circulation and Promote Wellness

  • 36V Human safety voltage
  • Carbon fire Heating
  • Air pressure 40-187mm/hg
  • OEM&ODM Available
  • Pressotherapy Machine
  • Pressotherapy Machine
  • Pressotherapy Machine
  • Pressotherapy Machine

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How We Manufacture Your Pressotherapy Machine

  • Tesiting Electric Board
  • Install the Machine Structure
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KMSLASER Also Export on Other Beauty Machines

KMSLASER pressure therapy machine

The KMSLASER compression therapy machine is specially designed for medical and cosmetic treatment of lymphatic drainage, especially the legs and abdomen. It removes toxins and oils from the body and has a positive effect on health and beauty. This can improve untidy circulatory system and venous insufficiency such as heaviness in the extremities, lethargy and varicose veins.

KMSLASER is your leading manufacturer of pressure therapy machines and other beauty machines in China. We have many beauty and wellness devices, such as pressure therapy machines, that offer unique benefits. Unlike other machines, this device facilitates weight loss in a shorter period of time.

In addition to weight loss, pressure therapy machines can also treat swelling, fluid, and fat in the body that can lead to severe cellulite. It is great for increasing the flow of oxygen in the body, restoring body tissues and the immune system.

KMSLASER compression therapy machine is best for treating digestive problems as it relieves constipation problems and bowel movements. Most clients do not have cosmetic and health issues but wish to undergo this treatment as this pressure therapy machine can improve physical condition and wellbeing. However, it is quite useful for obesity, rheumatism, menopause and people with intestinal problems. No age requirement, suitable for all ages.

If you are the owner of a beauty center, stress therapy is a great option for those who need to relax and want to release stress from their bodies. It’s great for all kinds of pain, such as headaches and migraines, back pain, and even a stiff neck.

All our pressure therapy machines have excellent features. It is safe and effective. The best must-have equipment for a spa. These have 36 output voltages, safety handles for emergency stop switches, far infrared processing, and a temperature range of 35-80 degrees. Complete set with 9 outputs and 18 air chambers.

In KMSLASER, all our products are user friendly and easy to install. Guaranteed to be made of high quality raw materials. We are dedicated to providing image enhancing services to clients and clients looking for the best beauty solutions. We provide authentic and latest types of equipment to our valued customers.

As a strong manufacturer of beauty and health care equipment, we have been providing professional services for over 10 years. Together with our experts and knowledgeable engineers and staff, we will continue to produce high quality pressure therapy machines and other beauty equipment machines for your business.

Whether you own a spa and wellness center, gym, health club, beauty and salon owner, hotel, or even a guesthouse, our products are right for your business. Our unbeatable offers are a high success rate guarantee for your business.

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