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KMSLAER Hydrodermabrasion Machine is one of the useful devices for facial skincare,  enhancing eye skin, can fix different skin issues, and treat blackheads.  It initialize the collagen cells enable to grow up, increasing the flexibility of the skin, whitens decrease the skin impurities. Easy to use, install and do maintenance.

Hydrodermabrasion Machine That Easy to Install

The Hydrodermabrasion machines are already assembled well in our factory. You only need to install the handle.

And Easy to Maintenance

It is very easy to do maintenance for the Hydrodermabrasion machines. Just use the tools inside the machine package and do it according to the video.

Unique & Outlooking Patent Design
Self Developed Mode
Full Certification
Quick Delivery & Customs Clearance

Why KMSLASER Hydrodermabrasion Machine is Perfect for Your Business

  • 100Kpa Vacuum
  • New Design handle
  • Handle Cooling
  • Design Modularized handle
  • Hydrafacial Machine
  • Hydrafacial Machine Reviews
  • Hydrafacial Machine Reviews
  • Hydrafacial Machine Reviews

Hundreds of Happy Customers from Different Countries

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How We Manufacture Your Hydrodermabrasion Machine

  • Tesiting Electric Board
  • Install the Machine Structure
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KMALSER Also Export on Other Beauty Machines

KMSLASER Hydrodermabrasion Machine Series

KMSLASER Hydrodermabrasion Machine is a non-laser technology used for different kinds of treatment. It uses a vacuum for negative pressure, foam and nutrient mixture for the treatment process. KMSLASER is one of the executive manufacturers of Hydrafacial Machine not just in China but worldwide. Hydrodermabrasion Machine is used in detaching dead skin from the skin layer, get rid of the large pores, and lighten the skin.

KMSLASER Hydrodermabrasion Machine gives satisfying benefits. It provides youthful-looking skin, exterminates the degradation from the skin. Excellent in exfoliating cleanses, and restore the skin. Through Hydrodermabrasion Machine it gives impeccable results that cannot be seen in ordinary or normal facial. This equipment gives pleasurable benefits that you deserve.

KMSLASER Hydrodermabrasion Machine is one of well-known facial equipment around the world because it cures or treat the dry skin and symptoms of aging. Enhance the skin in many ways, like fats, clear the skin color.

Lessen the wrinkles, enlarge the firmness, skin texture, and even the dark spots. And also abolish skin adulteration. All of our beauty equipment including Hydrodermabrasion has no side effects and no age required.

Our Hydrodermabrasion Machine in enhancing eye skin, can fix different skin issues, and treat blackheads. In Hydrodermabrasion  Machine it features roll contemporary probe in detaching grease in the face. With the use of our Hydrodermabrasion product, you can achieve your desired skin type. It initializes the collagen cells to enable to grow up, increasing the flexibility of the skin, whitens decrease the skin impurities.

Many of our customers preferred Hydrodermabrasion  Machine since it helps to reduce the acne problems and its scars, restoring the health of the skin. Get rid the redness and sensitiveness of the skin and most of all it serene the skin. It free from toxic oxygen kills bacteria.

If you are one of the owners of facial spa or facial center, this equipment is the best option for those who need to treat their oily skin, effectively eliminates the superfluity of aging components. And most of all it helps maintain the overall skin health condition.

KMSLASER is one of the leading manufacturers of all classes of Hydrodermabrasion machines in China. Not just Hydrodermabrasion  Machine only but a lot of beauty machine equipment such as Hydrodermabrasion machine, microdermabrasion machine, and many more. We manufacture high-quality of Hydrodermabrasion machines that passed the international standards and safety measures.

We strive hard together with our knowledgeable engineers and staff to produce one of a kind facial solution for your acquired business. We just not focus on innovating beauty machine products but also on building our outstanding reputation towards our customers around the world. We care about your appearance. We continue to develop this type of equipment by the use of the latest machinery to get satisfying results.

If you are interested in our Hydrodermabrasion Machine, don’t hesitate to contact us now. We will give you the amazing products that you exactly deserve!

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