Emsculpt At Home Machine

Emsculpt At Home Machine

  • 7 Telsa Intensity
  • 2 Handles Could Work Together
  • Waterproof
  • OEM & ODM Available

Amy Hall“The Emsculpt machines have significantly improved our clinic’s body contouring options. Clients appreciate the non-invasive treatments, and we’ve seen a boost in bookings and client satisfaction since introducing them to our services.” – Amy Hall, Clinic Owner, Ultimate Body Clinic



Christopher Hayes“As a brand seller, we’re proud to offer our clients the Emsculpt machines. The technology is cutting-edge, and our customers have experienced impressive results. We’re excited about our partnership with the factory.” – Christopher Hayes, Brand Seller, Body Transformations



Matthew Wright“Incorporating the Emsculpt machines into our clinic has been a game-changer. Clients appreciate the non-invasive, effective treatments, and we’ve noticed a surge in bookings as a result.” – Matthew Wright, Clinic Owner, Contour & Sculpt Clinic

Model Number:EMT6
Package size:48.5*41.5*57.8cm
Handle:2 Handles
Voltage:110V-220V 50Hz/60Hz
Gross weight:50kg
Output Intensity:7 Tesla
Output frequency:27.12 MHz
Technology:High-Intensity Electromagnetic Muscle Trainer
Work mode:5 modes
Pulse Width:300us

emsculpt at home- Accessories

KMSLASER Emsculpt At Home Machine

Are there any additional attachments or accessories required for the Emsculpt machine?
Additional attachments or accessories may be required for treating different body areas or for servicing and maintaining the Emsculpt machine. Consult the manufacturer for specific details.
Can the Emsculpt machine be used on the face and neck? -
The Emsculpt machine is not designed for use on the face and neck. It is primarily intended for treating areas like the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, and arms.
Is there a return policy or trial period for the Emsculpt machine?
Return policies or trial periods for the Emsculpt machine can vary depending on the manufacturer and distributor. It’s essential to discuss these details before purchasing the device.
How do I know if the Emsculpt machine is authentic and not a counterfeit product?
Ensuring the authenticity of an Emsculpt machine involves purchasing from the manufacturer or an authorized distributor and verifying any serial numbers or registration details provided with the device.
Are there any specific precautions to take before or after an Emsculpt treatment?
Clients should follow their treatment provider’s recommendations for any specific precautions to take before or after an Emsculpt treatment, such as avoiding intense exercise immediately before or after a session.
How does the Emsculpt machine compare to other HIFEM devices on the market?
The Emsculpt machine’s effectiveness and features may vary compared to other HIFEM devices on the market. It’s essential to research and compare devices to determine which best suits your needs.
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