SW6S Shockwave Therapy Machine


  • 新发布的机器
  • 模块化手柄
  • 英文和西班牙文供选择
  • 电磁波冲击波治疗仪

SW6S Shockwave Therapy Machine testimonial

Frequency: 1-21hz

Energy: 5-200mj

Applicator heads: 7 pieces different sized

Language: English & Spanish

Functions on display: 10 functions

SW6S Shockwave Therapy Machine Accessories

KMSLASER Sw6s Shockwave Therapy Machine

Our shock wave physical therapy is one of useful devices for treating exterior orthopedic disorders. It is safe and has unique features that easy to use, and install. The best thing about having a shock wave physical therapy, it has an integrated electromagnetic generator. With 10 years approximately life span and it is easy to access for all the therapist and for the customers that have a business related to health and wellness

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