Portable 4 handles neo emslim emsculpting Machine EMT08-4S

2 Round handles & 2 shaped handles

All the 4 handles are with RF

Anna White“Since integrating Emsculpt treatments into our clinic, we’ve seen a boost in client satisfaction and repeat bookings. The machines have allowed us to offer cutting-edge, non-invasive treatments that our clients love.” – Anna White, Clinic Owner, Body Sculpting Studio



Peter Johnson“As a brand seller, I’m proud to offer our clients the Emsculpt machines. The technology is innovative, and our customers have experienced amazing results. We’re excited about our partnership with the factory.” – Peter Johnson, Brand Seller, Body Innovations



Rebecca Smith“Our clients have been raving about the Emsculpt treatments since we introduced them to our clinic. The machines are user-friendly and deliver noticeable results, making them a fantastic addition to our offerings.” – Rebecca Smith, Clinic Owner, New Age Body Clinic

Model Number:EMT08-4S
Voltage:110V-220V 50Hz/60Hz
Screen:Color touch screen
Modes:Two modes
Handle:Four handles
Advantage:Both handles can work at the same time
Machine Weight:35kg
Machine Size:42*42*45cm

Portable 4 handles neo emslim emsculpting Machine-ACC

Portable 4 handles neo emslim emsculpting Machine EMT08-4S

Do I place an order of the emsculpt machine through you?

Yes, you could contact us to place order or you could place your order directly on the product link.

Do you have any emsculpt machines that have high ratings amoung your customers?

Yes, this portable 4 handles machine is highly rated by our customers. It could be used at spa and home also.

What are the two round handles of the emsculpt machine working for?

The two round handles are for the abdomen, &buttocks.

and the 2 other two handles are for Calf, Thigh, and Arms.

So you could do different areas on your body.

Do you have user manual for the portable emsculpt machine?

Yes, a user manual is provided. Please do not worry.

For this emsculpt machine, are all 4 paddles the same or are there ones for arms?

The 4 paddles are not the same. There are 2 paddles are designed for arms and legs.

What kind of training and support does the factory provide for the Emsculpt machine?
The factory typically offers comprehensive training and support, including device setup, treatment protocols, and ongoing technical assistance.
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