High Quality 2 in 1 Radio Frequency EMS Plasma Muscle Recovery Ems Radio Frequency Beauty Machine

High Quality 2 in 1 Radio Frequency EMS Plasma Muscle Recovery Ems Radio Frequency Beauty Machine

Working principle:

2 in 1 RFEMS Plasma consists of two handles (hands) and a variety of replaceable accessory probes.

The RFEMS handles can stimulate muscle contraction, activate cells, and help Muscle repair, promote  blood circulation and improve lymphatic drainage, improve facial contour and skin tone, tighten skin, achieve non-invasive facial lifting and anti-aging.

The plasma handle can be used to treat skin regeneration, remove skin protrusions or warts, remove  moles, freckles, and wrinkles. It can also help repair stretch marks, repair pits and scars.

1.Plasma microporous matrix probe (Epidermal rejuvenation):

The probe is a gentle and safe plasma applicator that performs surface treatment on the epidermis, optimizing epidermal cell renewal and promoting microcontraction and minimizing downtime.

Designed for the treatment of large areas of the body, neck and buttocks, it is made of disposable rollers with a dense matrix of micropores to ensure a fixed distance from the skin. This also reduces the risk of adverse side effects on particularly sensitive areas.


2.RF/EMS probes(Muscle recovery):

The probe is based on the simultaneous combination of RF diathermy and muscle contraction (bidirectional contraction). RF diathermy pulses, due to their own biometric properties, produce a large amount of fiber replenishment while maintaining comfort during treatment.

The muscle contractions generated by EMS can be combined with the thermal action generated by RF diathermy to promote skin tightening, firming and conditioning.


3.Plasma tip probe (plasma minimally Minimally invasive hand tools):

The probe is enhanced by a selective applicator designed to transfer part of the plasma energy. This technique creates controlled damage from the epidermis to the superficial dermis through  non-ablation or custom spots in the ablation output. The treatment modality offers a variety of treatment options: ultra-thin, medium or medium width deep point of action and innovative  spray procedures for limited damage but high sublimation for medium areas. With its innovative features, it will continue to be the tool of choice for the treatment of periorbital and benign lesions.


4.Plasma straight-pointed probe (Reshaping the skin):

Provides precise plasma delivery for the treatment of common skin aging problems such as fine lines, wrinkles, scars, fine lines, etc.

The applicator is a encapsulated, disposable tip designed for maximum control of the emitting  plasma. Its glass acts as an isolation system, keeping a fixed distance from the skin, and acts as an air booster, ensuring continuous ionization during operation.

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