Emily Parker“Our clients have been thrilled with the results from the Emsculpt machines. The machines are reliable and easy to use, providing our customers with exceptional results.” – Emily Parker, Clinic Owner, Body Perfection Clinic



Jack Simmons“As a distributor, we’ve been impressed with the quality and effectiveness of the Emsculpt machines. Our clients love the technology, and we’re proud to work with such a reputable company.” – Jack Simmons, Distributor, SculptPro Equipment



Laura Davis“Since incorporating Emsculpt treatments into our clinic, we’ve noticed a significant increase in client satisfaction. The machines have allowed us to offer innovative, non-invasive treatments that our customers love.” – Laura Davis, Clinic Owner, Body Contour Center

Product name:Body Sculpting EMS Machine
Handle:16 Handles
Voltage:AC110~240V, 50/60Hz
Energy:1~30 level
Mode:5 modes
Gross Weight:About 28kg
Air Box Size:65*45*69cm
Display Screen:10.4 inch touch screen

EMS slimming machine-Accessories

EMS slimming machine-B53

How does the Emsculpt machine work, and what is the science behind it?
The Emsculpt machine uses High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology to induce powerful muscle contractions, helping to build muscle and reduce fat simultaneously.
What is the recommended treatment protocol for the Emsculpt machine?
The recommended treatment protocol is typically four sessions within a two-week period, with each session lasting approximately 30 minutes.
How long does it take to see results after using the Emsculpt machine?
Results may vary, but noticeable improvements can be seen as early as two to four weeks after the last treatment session.
Is the Emsculpt machine safe for all skin types and body areas?
The Emsculpt machine is safe for all skin types and can be used on various body areas, including the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, and arms.
Are there any side effects or downtime associated with using the Emsculpt machine?
Side effects are minimal and can include mild muscle soreness, similar to what you might feel after an intense workout. There is no downtime associated with Emsculpt treatments.
Is the Emsculpt machine FDA-cleared?
Yes, the Emsculpt machine is FDA-cleared for improving abdominal tone, strengthening the abdominal muscles, developing a firmer abdomen, and strengthening, toning, and firming the buttocks.
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