At Home Coolsculpting Machine For Body Slimming

New Oxford Cloth With Waterproof Carbon Fire

  • 6in1 Multi-Funciton Machine
  • With Double-Chin Fat Removal handle
  • 8” Screen Display
  • Freezing Temperature: -10 to 10

Fat freezing cooling machine-Testimonial-1

Model Number: CRYO01
Packing Size: 30*42*52cm
Freezing Temperature: -10 to 10
RF energy: 1-20J/Cm2
Cavitation : 40Khz
Lipo laser pads: 4 big pads & 2 Small
Voltage: 110V-220V / 50Hz/60Hz
Gross Weight: 35Kgs

Fat freezing cooling machine-Accessories

KMSLASER At Home Coolsculpting Machine

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