At Home Coolsculpting Machine For Body Slimming

New Oxford Cloth With Waterproof Carbon Fire

  • 6in1 Multi-Funciton Machine
  • With Double-Chin Fat Removal handle
  • 8” Screen Display
  • Freezing Temperature: -10 to 10

John Wright“Incorporating Cryolipolysis treatments into our clinic has provided our clients with an effective, non-invasive option for body contouring. We’ve noticed a significant increase in bookings and overall client satisfaction.” – John Wright, Clinic Owner, CoolSculpt Clinic



Deborah King“As a distributor, we’ve enjoyed a successful partnership with the Cryolipolysis Machine factory. Their dedication to innovation, quality, and customer support is unmatched, and we’re excited for our continued collaboration.” – Deborah King, Distributor, Body Contouring Equipment



Brian Anderson“The Cryolipolysis machines have revolutionized our clinic’s body contouring services. Our clients appreciate the non-invasive, comfortable treatments, and we’ve seen a boost in bookings since adding them to our services.” – Brian Anderson, Clinic Owner, Body Sculpture Center

Model Number: CRYO01
Packing Size: 30*42*52cm
Freezing Temperature: -10 to 10
RF energy: 1-20J/Cm2
Cavitation : 40Khz
Lipo laser pads: 4 big pads & 2 Small
Voltage: 110V-220V / 50Hz/60Hz
Gross Weight: 35Kgs

Fat freezing cooling machine-Accessories

KMSLASER At Home Coolsculpting Machine

Can Cryoskin be used on individuals with a history of blood clots or circulation issues?
Individuals with a history of blood clots or circulation issues should consult with a medical professional before getting Cryoskin treatments.
Can Cryoskin be used on individuals with high blood pressure?
Individuals with high blood pressure should consult with a medical professional before getting Cryoskin treatments.
How does Cryoskin compare to other non-invasive fat reduction treatments?
Cryoskin offers a non-invasive alternative to other fat reduction treatments such as CoolSculpting, SculpSure, and Liposonix.
Can Cryoskin be used on individuals who have had a recent tattoo or piercing?
Yes, the Cryoskin machine can be used for cellulite reduction as it helps to break down fat cells and stimulate collagen production in the skin, leading to a smoother and more toned appearance.
Can the Cryoskin machine be used for facial treatments?
Yes, the Cryoskin machine can be used for facial treatments to improve skin texture, reduce wrinkles, and tighten the skin.
Is there any downtime required after a Cryoskin treatment?
No, there is no downtime required after a Cryoskin treatment. You can resume your normal activities immediately after the treatment.
How often should I use the Cryoskin machine for best results?
For best results, it is recommended to use the Cryoskin machine once every two weeks for a total of 5-6 sessions.
Is the Cryoskin machine safe for all skin types?
Yes, the Cryoskin machine is safe for all skin types as it uses a non-invasive cold therapy to target fat cells without causing damage to the skin. However, it is important to consult with a professional before using the machine to ensure it is appropriate for your individual needs and health status.
How long does each Cryoskin session last?
Each Cryoskin session typically lasts between 30-60 minutes, depending on the area being treated.
How does cryolipolysis differ from liposuction?

Cryolipolysis is a non-invasive fat reduction treatment that uses cold temperatures to freeze and destroy fat cells. Liposuction, on the other hand, is a surgical procedure that involves the removal of fat through small incisions.

What areas of the body can be treated with cryolipolysis?

Cryolipolysis can be used to treat a variety of areas, including the abdomen, thighs, hips, back, arms, and chin.

Is cryolipolysis a painful procedure?

Some people may experience mild discomfort during the initial few minutes of cryolipolysis treatment, but this usually subsides quickly. The treatment itself is not painful.

How long does a cryolipolysis treatment take?

Cryolipolysis treatments typically last between 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the size and number of treatment areas.

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