Air pressure pressotherapy machine SA-02

Air pressure 16pcs air bags

  • 16pcs air bags
  • 0.1Mpa air pressure
  • Blue & Orange vest for option
  • Machine in white color

Model Number:V-MAX
Package Size:50*38*39cm
Handle:2 pcs
Voltage:110V-220V 50Hz/60Hz
Gross Weight:12KG
Screen:Touch screen
Probe:DS3.0mm, DS4.5mm
Interval Time:0.1-6.0S

Radar Line V max facial care machine-acc

KMSLASER Air pressure pressotherapy machine SA-02

KMSLASER Air pressure pressotherapy machine SA-02

KMSLASER pressotherapy machine is designed for medical and beauty treatment for lymphatic drainage, particularly in legs and abdomen. It eradicates the toxins and grease from your body and has a positive effect on health and beauty. This can improve the circulatory system untidiness and venous insufficiencies like heavy limbs, drowsy legs, and varicose veins.

KMSLASER is your premier manufacturer of pressotherapy machine and other beauty machine equipment in China. We have a lot of beauty and health equipment like pressotherapy machine that offers unique benefits. Unlike other machines, this equipment is good for losing weight in less time. Aside from losing weight, a pressotherapy machine can treat swelling, liquids, and fats in the body that may cause severe cellulite. It has a big help for increasing the flow of oxygen in the body, restore the body tissues and the immune system.

KMSLASER pressotherapy machine is best for digestive problems when the treatment administers it relieves the constipation problems and bowel movement. Most of the clients do not have beauty and health issues but want to receive this kind of treatment because this pressotherapy machine improves the body conditions and welfare. However, this quite useful for obesity, rheumatism, menopause, and has intestinal problems. No age required and capable of all ages.

If you are an owner of a beauty center, pressotherapy is a great option for those who need to relax and want to release tension from the body. It is excellent for treating different kinds of pain such as headaches and migraines, back pains and even in a stiff neck.

All of our pressotherapy machines offers great features. It’s safe and effective. Best essential equipment for spa. These have 36 output voltage, safety handle for emergency stop switch, far infrared treatment, and 35-60 degree temperature scope. Complete suits with 9 outputs and 18 air chambers. Enable to work with 2 people at the same time.

In KMSLASER, all of our products are user-friendly and easy to install. Guaranteed made from a good quality of raw materials. We are dedicated to giving our clients and customers who are seeking for best beauty solutions to enhance their image. We offer authentic and latest types of equipment to our valued customers.

As a capable manufacturer of beauty and health equipment, we provide professional service for more than 10 years now. Together with our expert and knowledgeable engineers and staffs, we continue to produce high quality of pressotherapy machine and other beauty equipment machine for your business. Whether you have spa and wellness centers, gyms, fitness clubs, owners of beauty and salons, hotels, and even guest houses, our product is suitable for your business. Our unbeatable offers is a guaranteed high success rate towards your business.

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